World of Tanks teaser videók

2010-08-03 20:45:00 - MasterTitan

és most felrakom az összes world of tanks teaser videót,elég jó munkát végeztek velük a srácok. :)

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A 0.5.x-es patch

2010-08-03 16:53:00 - MasterTitan

Infót kaptunk pár napja a hivatalos fórumról,hogy hamarosan új patch érkezik.

A mostani verziószám a 0.4.5-ös,a következő vagy a 0.5.0-ás vagy a 0.5.1-es lesz,ezt még nem árulták el,ezért lett a hivatalos fórumon is a neve 0.5.x

annyit tudni róla hogy 3 hét múlva érkezik,nem árulták el miért ilyen későn,de állítólag valami meglepetéssel készülnek nekünk.

addig is mind a 2 patch note,ami kicsit hosszú:




Major changes:

- New method of forming waiting list for battle. That will bring more balance in standard battle mode.
- Expendables introduced – equipment/modules that you can use during the battle. You'll be able to purchase and set it up through 3 slots next to the current 2 additional equipment slots.
- Changes to the additional equipment: you won't be able to demount some equipment after you install it, some will be split into classes, introduced different prices for different types of equipment.
- Introduced different settings for aim. Right now it's just a test version with limited number of settings.
- Added 2 new maps: "Erlenberg" and "Pagorki".
- Map markers for "Attacking" and "Need help". So far just test version.
- Removed the possibility of converting experience from non-Elite tank into free experience.
- Added confirmation windows when attempting to sell tank with crew or installed equipment.


- Added destruction of several more objects.
- Added new effects for different types of destructible objects.
- Fixed damaged models for many tanks
- Fixed models of several tanks.


- Now you can choose to save your password. The saved password will be encoded.
- Fixed several typos.
- Fixed notification "Battle begins" which is visible throughout the battle.
- Added separate setting for wide-screen.
- Added separate icons for premium HE shells.
- Improved icons of tankers in the hangar.
- Added display of spread (normal distribution) of armor-piercing and damage in the interface (test version).
- Fixed switching from email to password by pressing TAB in the login window.
- Improved player's stats window.
- Added dialog window to turn on the speed up crew training.


- Fixed several game crashes.
- Re-worked influence of the driver's skill on speed and maneuverability of the tank.
- Fixed possibility of starting two clients at the same time.


- Joining battle in small teams. We are testing this option together with the new method of forming waiting list for battle. If we are satisfied, it will be included.
Now confirmed.





- Platoons added – two or three players can play together in the same battle (additional battle option).
- Fixed some errors of forming random battles. Introduced new rules which consider level and type of the tanks.
- Reduced resistance of objects and trees when being destroyed by a tank.
- Fixed bag with HE ricochets, which except being a bug in itself also could lead to reset of ammo type to the first one even though the interface would show that the second or third being used.


- Changes in the conditions of receiving several of the "hero of the battle".
- Doubled the price of converting experience into free experience.
- Approximate 20% decrease in the cost of level 6 and 7 tanks.
- Decreased the gold price of crew training.
- Fixed HP of IS-3 turrets.
- Decreased chance of fire for Maus's engine.
- Improved guns of Valentine and Somua (S35 739(f)).
- Fixed errors in the damage models of Wespe and T-34.


- Fixed game crash with wrong tank coordinates.
- Decreased the use of system and video memory (approximately by 10-20% depending on the map).
- Fixed crash of the game with the following error: "Scaleform::FlashGUIComponent::update".
- Fixed error when sound of the intro video plays if you skip it.


- Improved effects of shots and tank explosions.
- Changed errors with invisible walls above railroad platforms.
- Added destruction of several objects.
- Fixed the tacks speed of rotation on some tanks.
- Fixed models of several tanks.


- Minor changes to several mini-maps.

- Lakeville:
-Fixed pass-ability and destruction of several objects.

- Ensk:
- Fixed textures.
- Fixed location of several spawn points.
- Fix undetectable dead tree.
- Fixed "flying" benches near the railroad tracks.
- Removed indestructible sheds.

- Prohorovka:
- Fixed several places where tank might get stuck.
- Fixed hovering above platforms tanks.

- Pagorki:
- Removed one of the antennas.
- Now when moving through water tank slows down.
- Flags, marking bases, are dug into the ground.
- Fixed "hovering" antenna mounts.

- Erlenberg:
- Fixed several spots near the bridges where tanks might get stuck.
- Removed stones near several buildings.

- Malinovka:
- Fixed several stuck places in the middle of an open space.
- Fixed entrances into the water.

- New hangar "header".
- Another re-work of crew member's info and their re-training.
- Fixed Tip99.
- Fixed several errors in the text all over interface.
- Fixed "compression" of the game window after switching from full screen to window mode by pressing Alt+Enter.
- Expanded statistics of other players and their tanks.
- Added different images of medals to reflect player's achievements.
- Removed voice notifications "enemy destroyed" and "ally destroyed".
- Larger markers above tanks "Attacking player" and "Need help".
- Fixed errors with showing the side armor of several open SPGs.
- Fixed error: "When entering some amount of gold for exchange from a keyboard the key "exchange" stays inactive".
- Fixed error: «Entering the amount of experience on "elite" tank from a keyboard stays inactive."
- Fixed wrong information on tank's armor thickness in store window.
- Fixed error when game switches to hangar without interface instead of starting the battle.
- Fixed information for armor penetration and damage.
- Improved interface of expendables.
- Fixed inability of turning off expendables in the battle by clicking LMB on it's icon.
- Fixed image of "repaired" track.

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A Béta kliens letöltése

2010-08-03 12:19:00 - MasterTitan

Megmutatjuk honnan töltheted le a béta klienst. Csak olvass tovább.

Fő mirror:


Installer (101mb)


További Mirrorok: - Ajánlott(magas sebesség)

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Jelentkezés és regisztráció a zárt bétára

2010-08-03 11:58:00 - MasterTitan

ha érdekel hogy jelentkezhetsz és regisztrálhatsz a zárt bétára akkor itt a helyed.

A World of Tanks zárt bétájára bárki jelentkezhet és elég sok kulcsot is osztogatnak,íme pár oldal ahol találhatók kulcsok.és a link ahol belehet regisztrálni.

a hivatalos oldalon is jelentkezhetsz

vagy az MMOhuton,ha regisztráltál

vagy ezen az oldalon is található

és a hivatalos oldalon itt regisztrálható a kulcs

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Jelentkezés és regisztráció a zárt... »

World of Tanks blog Elindult!

2010-08-03 10:32:00 - TetPeti

A következö hetekben/napokban nagy változás elé fog nézni az oldal

Nos képek és gameplay videokat is fel fogunk tölteni és persze informáciokkal is.

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